Creators, thinkers, makers and adventurers.

We believe in helping to create things that the world would miss. Adventurous and dedicated; we are an agile team who work hard to deliver the best results for our clients by connecting ideas, cutting through the noise and bringing out the best in business.



Harvey Whitehead

MD and Founder

“375 is on an exciting journey. Supporting our clients in creating healthy profit by aligning positive behaviour to economic success. In doing so clients are developing true sustainable brand engagement. Every day we are finding new ways to inspire, motivate and communicate. "

Pam Barbato

Brand Strategy

Pam supports clients on brand definition, development, implementation and management; looking to maximise brand reputation and deliver competitive advantage by developing/aligning organisational purpose with sustainability and engagement strategies.

Richard Irvine

Strategy and Planning

Brand Marketing Director and Business Transition Consultant with over 35 years of broad commercial experience. Specialist skills in Business Planning, Business Development, Brand Development, Creative Direction and Video Content Marketing.

Paul Thomas

Creative Director

Paul is a multi-award winning Creative Director at 375 and drives forward creative direction of our accounts. He has over thirty years’ experience working in both the UK and Internationally with brands such as General Motors, Saab, Vauxhall, Zurich Financial Services, Selfridges to name but a few.

Steve hall

Creative Director

Steve has a long history in advertising and ran his own agency for over 20 years – developing one of the largest agencies in the South West and one of the very few to rank with the top creative agencies nationally. Steve has worked on Economic Development especially on Merseyside, Road Safety and the communications issues around the break up and re-engineering of British Gas. More recently Steve has been involved in a number of film projects for the NSPCC, TaylorMade, Nationwide Building Society and PWC.

Helen Loxton

PR and Partnerships

My role is to support clients on creating truly social campaigns and developing partnerships. Experience with brands such as Boots, Reebok, Nike, Nivea. Includes promoting health related issues and creating brand exposure for Cancer Research’s Race For Life and 375's Scott 100 Letters initiative.

Alex Bovey

Lead Developer

Alex brings 18 years of online development experience. He has been lead developer on numerous large-scale web projects for clients such as AXA, Barclays, BT, DELL, Oracle and Virgin Mobile.

Lycia Harper

Complex systems practitioner and facilitator

Lycia helps people think and act systemically. An experienced facilitator and systemic coach, Lycia works on organisational culture and change, leadership development, corporate responsibility and partnership for organisations from large corporates to tiny community organisations.

Ed Thomas

Director of Film

Ed Thomas is a Director of Film and Photography working in commercial, narrative and documentary film. Ed has shot hundreds of films, working professionally since 1998. He works across UK, Europe and USA, shooting online campaigns, TV and cinema advertising.

Amanda Milton

Project Management

Mandy has over 20 years' experience working in digital marketing agencies, in the field of operations and production. Her focus is determining and managing the most appropriate delivery method for each of our digital projects.

Suzanne Chadwick


Suzanne helps to keep the house in order.